Stop Those Weeds!!!


Weed Control and Stabilising Membrane

These allow air and water to penetrate the ground below while suppressing Weed growth from below. It is not a weed killer, it works by restricting light. Seeds dropped by birds or blown in the wind will still possible grow on top they will occasionally need picking out (it takes a second not days!!)

These are not an added expense, they save you time and money

Weedex 70

Weed control membrane. Uses; where light weeds grow Eg; Flower beds, Decking

Weedex 90

Professional grade weed control membrane. For areas with medium traffic flow Uses; Flower beds and Shrub beds, Garden Paths, Lawns, Children’s Play Areas and Under artificial Grass

Hypex 100

Woven weed control and stabalising membrane. For areas of heavy traffic flow Uses; Flower beds and Shrub Beds, Driveways
Under decking without a covering and Patios

No Sinking

Preventing your gravel sinking into the ground (gravel doesn’t need replacing)

Stops Weeds

Stops weeds growing and engulfing your gravel (no weed killer to buy and apply)

Saves Time

Saves hours of your valuable time weeding the garden (sit down, relax you’ve earned it!!!)

Saves Money

Reduces the amount of Sub–base needed under paths, driveways and Patio’s (less work and less cost to you)

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Our range includes, building sand, grit sand, ballast, hardcore, limestone, slag products, gravel and membrane.

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Free Barrowing Service

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