We have a wide range of


Decorative Gravel


to choose from




10mm or 20mm Gravel

20mm White Flint and Stone

20mm Gold Flint and Stone

20mm Plum Slate

40mm Plum Slate

40mm Green Slate

20mm Blue Slate

40mm Blue Slate

Multi Spar

20mm Multi Spar

Cheshire Pink

10mm Black Granite

20mm Dove Gray

20mm Cotswold

20mm Red Granite


20mm Flaminco

10mm Polor White

20–40mm White Cobbles

40–90mm White Cobbles

5-10mm Onyx

20mm Onyx

Ice Blue

 Black Ice

20-30mm Scottish Cobbles

30-50mm Scottish Cobbles

40-90mm Scottish Cobbles

80-150mm Scottish Cobbles

20mm Green Granite

20mm Grey Granite

Free Barrowing Service

Buy your Gravel and Weed Control Membrane from us at the same time and we will barrow your gravel and lay your membrane.

Gravel Calculator

Not sure how much you need let us help you estimate how much gravel you will need to cover the required area.


Our range includes, building sand, grit sand, ballast, hardcore, limestone, slag products, gravel and membrane.